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"Why do HE allow beings who are simply ignoble, pathetic, ridiculous, weird, even criminals, etc., to stand and walk in their daily lives with normal people?"

Sometimes, I find myself thinking about it!

Why does God allow a world like Planet Earth to exist and last so long?

Why do HE allow beings who are simply ignoble, pathetic, ridiculous, weird, even criminals, etc., to stand and walk in their daily lives with normal people?

The righteous often pay for the sinner, the corrupt be treated for some time as a hero and children every day dying of hunger in all parts of the globe, if not, buried in the rubble of houses and buildings, due to too many bombs, dropped by a Country, commanded by one of those "NOT GOOD" men!

Why? Why?!

Why, why! If I had a distorted view of reality and credited my God with the same treatment that these gentlemen give to theirs, I would become an atheist and no longer believe in anything, due to so many injustices, so much misery, much dissatisfaction, so much hatred, and so on, and always have to witness this APPARENT advantage obtained by the cruel part of humanity, while the other, Being trampled underfoot, discriminated against, despised, etc., if I didn't stop sticking to the forms and research deeper, I would have discredited... I would stop waiting, give up hope, and relegate my faith!

However, coldly evaluating the whole whole, i.e., world, sun, stars, living beings, spirits, souls, etc., I came to the inevitable and irrefutable conclusion, but a very satisfactory one, though somewhat disappointing to my pride!

From what I have learned, although humanity has advanced in a systematic, victorious and objective way in its technology (within its limits, it is true), morally, it is very much, as the language of a certain category of public service would say, HARMED... spiritually decadent, because selfishness has advanced a lot and ambition blinds a good part of this so-called humanity, which they so much desire to possess!

But, from what I understood and there my pride is crushed, it is a question of a humanity, still quite inferior, recently out of the woods and quite proud of its achievements, it is still FULLY MATERIALIZED. Possessions and desire "give their! ordered colors"

A species in transition, God has allowed it, between "bestiality," animality, and the basic principles for ascension to other levels of culture and education. Which means that the human species is still the habitation of savage beings, of extremely violent men, of people who are completely emotionally disturbed, capable, even of invading the house of their fellow man, their country, destroying everything, thinking that they are doing a good work and still believing that they will never be penalized (see the invasion of GAZA, by Israel and also the invasion of Ukraine by Russia).

In the end, everyone will pay the price, that's for sure!

But, God allows such beings to exist and coexist, because He knows perfectly well the inability, impossibility, etc., of men (and women) to understand still, perhaps to practice among its inhabitants the new system that can somehow save the world from degradation and blasphemy... THE LOVE!

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