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Finally, having acquired such an understanding, beings "don't do that anymore!" This barbarism called War is in the distant past! (?)


In fact, there was a time in the history of humanity, in which War (conflict between people, tribe, villages, etc., for example), did serve to direct behaviors, establish guidelines, stratify concepts, establish principles, etc., at that time, I would say that such noble ideals would be: the collection of food, the choice of a wife, the repossession or dispute for a village, etc., or disagreement with a stone statue that would establish the new command of a god, etc.

Logically, one necessarily leads one to imagine that a short time before, this same population that fought each other for reasons, let's say, at least puerile, were recently evicted from their old homes. Yes, the many very comfortable leafy trees, which provided a great habitat and which, of course, had also been the object of previous disputes, until, in the unheard-of effort to walk on two feet, they brushed a stick under another and something was discovered there, which he later called... of fire!

So, by that time, there was not yet the entertainment of "social networks", internet, normal TV and cable, to provide other pastimes to these creatures, quite subtle and delicate, which is why, perhaps, a few thousand years ahead, in ancient Rome, a "genius" there, had the idea of "bringing from the future" (so to speak) for live entertainment, the "circus" and in these, thousands of people and animals, died violently, burned, beheaded, mutilated, crucified, to the delight of the Caesars, the gladiators themselves, the plebs, even the slaves... Reports described by historians reported that in these arenas, the amount of liquid that flowed from the victims to the laughter of the nobles and general euphoria, that compound that oozes from beings in general when injured, reached a foot high from the ground: blood!

Previously, at that time very close to the elucidation and comprehension of reasoning, those beings fought there, because they did not yet know the "less" grotesque fights that occur in football finals, in Brazil, in Europe, now also in the Middle East... and so many other sports, which require a lot of reasoning and even some intelligence... Therefore, exploiting, killing, destroying, taking possession of, was something as common as it is today, the celebration of a goal scored by the team of the heart, etc., in fact, more delicate, than exposing the heart of the enemy and then savoring it at dinner or lunch or breakfast!

Thanks to all this experience acquired over millions of years of planetary and systematic evolution, humanity today was learn a lot!

Today, it is inconceivable and unacceptable for a people to invade the village of another people, kill their women and children and, under any justification, "take for themselves what is rightfully theirs..." in my archaic understanding and comprehension of life, at worst or at best, I would classify this as THEFT! ROBBERY, EMBEZZLEMENT, HOMICIDE, ETC., OR GENOCIDE! (however you wish).

Finally, having acquired such an understanding, beings "don't do that anymore!" This barbarism called War is in the distant past! (?)

Imagine, for example, that a President of a country as evolved as the United States, John Biden, associate of another political leader of the Middle East, the noble Benjamin Netanyahu, would unite to destroy another country, under the pretext of "liquidating", exterminating a terrorist group, (HAMAS) when in fact what they would want is to take possession of gas reserves. recently discovered there in the sea, in the vicinity of the GAZA Strip... etc., these "kind men!" United, decent, discreet, they would never do that... The example left by the 1st, by the 2nd will suffice for them. Wars, etc., and so many other battles that have established some norms, but at the cost of thousands and thousands of innocent lives... they would never repeat such insanity...

Finally, those savage, savage beings, I would say, had the savagery to justify their brutality and insanity, and the current evolved beings would have no justification to act like this, propagating and establishing war, conflicts, instead of peace and care for human life... Thankfully, such savagery, brutality, hostility, carnage, etc., will remain in the distant past. Isn't that right?! Otherwise, what would I explain to my grandchildren?!

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