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Throughout history they it has suffered "some" disappointments! On the other hand, observing their persistence, dedication, belief, etc.,(...)


Throughout history they it has suffered "some" disappointments!

On the other hand, observing their persistence, dedication, belief, etc., in their ideals, having led them to the ultimate consequences, by supporting the right thing (equality, freedom, love for others, justice really), they made it clear that war, disputes, etc., do not destroy hope or ideals, as long as they are sincere!

We can count on our fingers, those who have been successful in this other "struggle", because, in general, they have always been persecuted, discriminated against, rejected, etc., because the true interest of justice, of equality between people, always seems to "clash head-on", with the interest of the majority who always want things to remain and stay exactly the way they are... or were...

When I refer to the majority, I could even say yes, the minority, because it is the interest of this small group of privileged people that will turn the interest of the majority, because this small minority, including businessmen, billionaires and politicians in these conditions, who are responsible for "establishing order, for directing "the game", for directing the actions of everyone in all parts of the planet. Well, money speaks louder and power is what dictates the rule. A "very" comforting scenario for those powerful, heartbreaking for the "discredited". That is why it is increasingly necessary to look there, in the annals of history, for the example of those men and women who gave their lives for a common cause, through peace and the rights of minorities. In this case, the vast majority is understood!

In fact, looking at the history of the world from time immemorial, it is necessary to conclude that such a scenario already existed: the strong trampled on the weak, and all those who rebelled against this system were immediately forcibly repelled! Force does, because the lie that makes inequality between men (and women) plausible and possible, does not accept a more serious examination of how its methods work...

Based on this premise, it is automatically concluded that, for example, Socrates, Jesus Christ, were victims of this deception, as well as other characters in ancient Rome, Greece, the United States, and of course, in Brazil. This (Brazil) bearing the "title" of having been the last country in the world to have accepted the liberation of slaves, when the rest of humanity, at least, was already considering its end.... "Relative" end, it should be understood, but in a way discussed!

Thus, (not chronologically specified) the following were victims of this deliberate and necessary fanaticism for the maintenance, including of the current state of things: Paul of Tarsus, the convert propagator of peace, of love for one's fellow man, who had been beheaded as payment for his services; Peter the Apostle... The illustrious and dedicated Galileo Galilei (1) who, if he had not denied what he had said (for example, that it was not the Universe that revolved around the Earth, but the other way around), would burned alive. Joan of Arc, who had no such option and in fact, had been burned alive...

One cannot fail to mention here in Brazil, too, personalities who contradicted themselves (that is, who wrote wonderful texts, but their behavior in defense of the weak left much to be desired) and others ratified their positions, in this case, I specifically cite, ANTONIO VIEIRA, (2) extraordinary thinker, but... He was a defender of the ideas of slavery, unlike the great poet CASTRO ALVES (3), who from the beginning (his) always fought in defense of the enslaved people and suffered for it.

(1) Galileo di Vincenzo Bonaulti de Galilei, better known as Galileo Galilei, was a Florentine astronomer, physicist, and engineer, sometimes described as a polymath. He is often referred to as the "father of observational astronomy", "father of modern physics", "father of the scientific method", and "father of modern science". Born: February 15, 1564, Pisa, Italy. Died: 8 January 1642, Arcetri, Italy. Discoveries: Europa, Io, Ganymede, Callisto, Saturn's rings. Influenced: Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Robert Boyle. Influence of: Nicolaus Copernicus, Giordano Bruno, Guidobaldo del Monte. Children: Vincenzo Gamba, Maria Celeste, Livia Galilei. "Known as the father of modern science, Galileo Galilei was an Italian scientist, physicist, astronomer, writer, philosopher and teacher who left an important legacy in several areas. His studies and contributions helped to influence and improve Mathematics, Physics, and Astronomy, among other areas. Considered revolutionary at the time...

-(2) António Vieira, better known as Father António Vieira, was a philosopher, writer and Portuguese orator of the Society of Jesus. One of the most influential figures of the seventeenth century in terms of politics and oratory, he stood out as a missionary in Brazilian lands. Born: February 6, 1608, Lisbon, Portugal. Died: July 18, 1697, Salvador, Bahia. Education: Jesuit College. Parents: Cristóvão Vieira Ravasco, Maria de Azevedo. Functions: Priest, philosopher, writer and orator. Death: Salvador; Jul 18, 1697 (89 years old).

-(3) Antônio Frederico de Castro Alves, or Castro Alves (1847-1871) was a Brazilian poet, representative of the Third Romantic Generation in Brazil. "The Poet of the Slaves" expressed in his poems the indignation at the serious social problems of his time. He is the patron of chair no. 7 of the Brazilian Academy of Letters. Castro Alves arrived in Recife at a time when the capital of Pernambuco was effervescent with abolitionist and republican ideals. Five months after arriving, he published the poem "The Destruction of Jerusalem" in the Jornal do Recife, receiving much praise. In an attempt to enter the Faculty of Law, Castro Alves failed twice. On May 17, he published in the newspaper "A Primavera", his first poem about slavery: "

" There in the last slave quarters,

Sitting in the narrow room,

Next to the brazier, on the floor,

The slave sings his song

And when he sings they run to him in tears

He miss your clod."

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